The question What If has been a powerful one in my life.  It was a hindrance for the first couple decades, spoken in regards to all the things that might go wrong in an opportunity.  Out of fear of failure, vulnerability or just the simple dissonance of not knowing an outcome, the What If would spiral into a catalog of possible negatives.  I would sit on opportunities, letting them pass, rather than act on them. 

A lot has changed over the past eight years including how I view myself, others and opportunities; the question What IF is being redeemed.  What If is now a moment of curiosity and great opportunities more often than not.  What If this is the opportunity I have waited for, or the situation where my voice needs to be heard, or an idea that would benefit someone else if only it was spoken into existence?  

This blog is an opportunity for me to express thoughts, ideas and questions that have come up for me in my journey.  The blog posts will be related directly to the work done in Unbound Living, as well as the concept of our lives being a Journey.

A few key points on this blog.  Each post will integrate a picture that I feel expresses the content in the post, as well as "What If" in the title.  Additionally, each post will integrate the concept of journey in a man's life, to the topic shared.  Sometimes my thoughts will have external links (to data, studies etc) and sometimes not.  Comments will be disabled for this blog as it is linked directly with Unbound Living, though feel free to email me with comments and thoughts, I love a good dialog.  Additionally, my thoughts are based upon (1) my clinical experience working with men and (2) my individual experiences as a man.  My thoughts follow trends I see in the lives of the men I work with, and in my life as well.  These thoughts are not meant to be inclusive of all men, or indicate in any way that all men must experience these things.  I welcome dialog if your experience as a man differs.  

To wrap this up, What If life were a journey?  What If my journey, including my experiences as a man, a husband and a therapist have given me some thoughts, perspectives and questions I'd like to share?  Hopefully this blog moving forward will engage each of these areas.  In the meantime, feel free to click the rss feed button at the bottom of this page to link for future updates.  

A man I deeply respect always would end our conversations the same way, and I am going to use his closing for each of these posts.  

To the Journey,