Offering Supervision for Masters Level Associates Seeking Licensure

I am a state-approved supervisor for licensed associates who are in the process of gaining hours and supervision towards licensure.  I have met state-mandated training requirements, as well as the state mandated requirements for hours towards supervision experience.  I am able to supervise Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associates without restriction.  I am able to supervise Licensed Social Worker Associates and Marriage and Family Therapist Associates within the regulations that both credentials carry.  This is usually an hourly limit that an associate may be licensed by someone outside their specific credentials.  Don't hesitate to reach out and inquire if we are able to work together, I am happy to explore that with you.

A Few Things to Note

  • I utilize a person-centered and developmental model of supervision.  Simply put, we want to focus on areas that will be most beneficial to your growth as a therapist, while also setting clear goals to stretch and grow your clinical aptitude.
  • A few areas I am passionate about engaging with new therapists:
    • Passions:  What are your passions as a care provider?  Why did you enter this field and how can you position yourself in this work to best care for yourself and your clients?
    • Ideal Client:  Who is your ideal client?  This is vital in creating a practice that is specific in its niche and able to reach the clients you are best suited to walk with.
    • Crisis Management:  What is the process of engaging a client in crisis?  What are your resources?  Who are your supports?  What steps can you take now to ensure you do not have to engage a client in crisis alone?
    • Daily Logistics:  Covering everything from taking appropriate clinical notes to back-end support software to help run your practice.
    • Stories Colliding:  Identifying and engaging the transference/counter-transference that occurs between you and your clients.  Digging into where your story gets touched in their work; how are you able to both create space for your clients to work while also managing with curiosity and tenderness your own story.
    • Questions:  As I said above, this is your supervision.  I am able to guide us in helpful directions, but our work together will directly benefit from you identifying the areas in need of the most guidance, and advocating for yourself in those areas.  You drive your learning in this field. 

Moving Forward

If you would like to inquire about supervision, please use the contact options at the bottom of this page to contact me.  Our first meeting will likely be over coffee because, coffee.  And, because our personalities need to mesh in a productive way just like they need to with our clients.  If we feel like a good fit after that initial session, we will lay the groundwork for scheduling and moving forward.  Bless you for entering into this work.  I ask that, whether with me or someone else, you avoid journeying alone.  Your health is honoring both to you and your clients.